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Employment Development Manager
Full Time
Centennial, CO USA

Job Description

Title: Employment Development Manager (EDM)

Reports to: Campus Director

The role of Employment Development Manager (EDM) is focused on driving ACI Learning students and alumni into gainful employment with rewarding careers in Information Technology, Cyber Security, and Project Management. The two key stakeholders for success in this role are ACI Learning Students/Alumni and the Employer partners.

Successful results will be measured in two key areas:

  • The percentage of ACI Learning graduates placed and employed in IT, Cyber Security and Project Management positions.
    • The goal is 80% employment of “Graduated” students for a rolling 12-month period, in an IT, Cyber Security, or Project Management role.   
  • Building, growing, and maintaining strong relationships with Employer Partners and organizations.
    • The expectation is a minimum of 21 Active Job Requisitions in IT, Cyber Security, or Project Management, listed in the center’s Master Job Board from a minimum of 7 Employment Placement Partners.

EDM Essential Responsibilities:

  1. Student/Alumni Engagement 50%
    1. Introduction on student’s first day of enrollment. Getting involved with Students early in their Training Program to build a relationship and help them visualize the finish line. Motivating Students to work hard to achieve Certifications greatly increasing the odds of achieving meaningful employment.
    2. Review ACI Learning Career Services and benefits.
    3. Aid students in defining their desired careers. Provide counseling on IT occupation information, responsibilities, career positions, and paths, opportunities, and market demand. Using Sample Job Descriptions to help them understand the possibilities.
    4. Establish, monitor, and assist students with milestones and goals for achieving key IT Certifications. Foster a rapport to motivate student training progression and exam outcomes offering guidance and assistance to ensure a positive student experience.
    5. Job Readiness, Coaching, and Training. Host a one-week training event for ACI Learning students/alumni in a variety of job readiness skills. Ensuring all students have a professional and updated resume, LinkedIn Profile, and Web Image. Assessing and preparing students to successfully engage in job search, career networking, personal branding, and job interviewing success. Enlisting, coordinating, and introducing students to community partners offering insight into the local IT Industry, career opportunities, and Job Readiness Training and resources. 
  2. Employer Partner Development 25%
    1. Positioning ACI Learning as a recruiting pipeline with local employers that are a good fit for our Alumni (aligned with our product/certification lineup). Form, expand, and foster relationships with local business community and organizations for direct recruitment and hiring of ACI Learning graduates into entry to mid-level IT, Cyber Security, and Project Management career fields. Collaborate with Employer Partners on individual hires and group events.
    2. Establish and maintain a current Master Job Board in SalesForce of active IT, Cyber Security, and Project Management career openings available to Students and Alumni.
      1. Minimum Expectation – 21 Active Job Requisitions from a minimum of 7 Employer Partners 
    3. Establish and maintain:
      1. Employer Partners listing in SalesForce designating partnership levels based on the number of employment “career” listings. Minimum of 20 Active Employer Partners.
      2. Employer Partner Prospect listing in Salesforce of local businesses to market and contact to establish a placement partnership. Minimum of 40 prospects.
    4. Conduct group hiring events with employers at ACI Learning or in the community to enable more ACI Learning Students/Alumni to achieve meaningful employment
  3. Graduate Placement Standards 15%
    1. Minimum Expectation: 60% or greater employed in IT
    2. LeaderQuest Goal: 80% or greater employed in IT
    3. Keep an updated listing in Salesforce of eligible Pre and Post Graduates available for placement.
    4. Review weekly 30-day status reports of upcoming graduate placement projections.
    5. Maintain an updated listing of 30-day placement of students in Salesforce.
    6. Solicit Student Success Stories from Alumni and Employer Partners.
  4. Data Collection - This is a vital function of the EDM Position. 10%
    1. The EDM has primary ownership for the collection, input, and maintenance of the Student and Alumni Employment Data information for all attending students. All student and employer data must be timely entered and maintain in Salesforce. Following up and working proactively with existing Students/Alumni.
      1. Update Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Employment data reports in Salesforce.
      2. Update annual student placement reports in Salesforce.


  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred
  • 2+ years recruiting/staffing/sales experience preferred
  • Must represent values of the organization: accountability, customer-focused, integrity, passion, resourceful, teamwork
  • Must possess great public speaking and presentation skills
  • Must understand the Tech jobs ecosystem and be able to describe it to large diverse audiences
  • Must be skilled in helping others achieve meaningful employment
  • Must be highly organized, self-driven, and able to produce strong outcomes independently
  • Must be highly skilled with job search tools such as LinkedIn
  • Social media skills are a plus
  • Reliable transportation and a valid Driver’s license required


About ACI Learning

At ACI Learning, we are creating a community of individuals empowered to pursue careers they love, by offering training and certification programs on the most relevant and in-demand Information Technology skills of the foreseeable future. Our mission is to empower career changes, military veterans, and IT Professionals with critical, job-ready skills, and assist them in securing thriving careers as entry-level or advanced practitioners and managers. Our training programs span a wide range of IT disciplines that help everyone from the rookie looking to start their IT career all the way to the seasoned IT and Cyber Security Professional looking to advance their skills.

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