CompTIA Network+ 007 CML - LCN201

CompTIA Network+ 007

CompTIA Network+ 007 CML - LCN201

Upcoming Dates & Locations

Virtual Live - Night (6PM - 10PM MST) - Denver
May 10th, 2021 - May 21st, 2021

CompTIA Network+ 007 CML - LCN201


This course covers how to troubleshoot, configure, and manage common network devices; establish basic network connectivity; maintain network documentation; identify network limitations and weaknesses; and implement network security, standards, and protocols. Also cloud and virtualization technologies, and build on existing user-level knowledge with personal computer operating systems to master the fundamental skills and concepts for any type of networking career.

Who Should Attend

Entry-level support professionals with basic knowledge of hardware, software, and operating systems who want to learn about networking, get skills for careers in network support/administration or prepare for CompTIA Network+ certification.


  • Complete CompTIA A+ 1001, 1002, basic computer skills, able to search, browse, access information on the internet, complete tasks in Windows, know basic computing concepts. Basic Windows® and Linux® user skills and fundamental understanding of networking concepts.

What You’ll Learn

You will learn to describe the major networking technologies and systems of modern networks and configure, manage, and troubleshoot modern networks.


  • Identify Basic Network Theory Concepts and Major Network Communications Methods
  • Describe Bounded Network Media
  • Idendify Unbounded Network Media
  • Identify the Major Types of Network Implementations
  • Identify TCP/IP Addressing and Data Delivery Methods
  • Implement Routing Technologies
  • Identify the Major Services Deployed on TCP/IP Networks
  • Identify the Infrastructure of a WAN Implementation
  • Identify the Components Used in Cloud Computing and Virtualization
  • Describe Basic Concepts Related to Network Security
  • Prevent Security Breaches
  • Respond to Security Incidents
  • Identify the Components of a Remote Network Implementation
  • Identify the Tools, Methods, and Techniques Used in Managing a Network
  • Describe Troublshooting of Issues on a Network

Why You Should Attend

This course gives you the skills and knowledge to pursue or advance an IT career in networking. It targets entry-level CCNA jobs such as Network Support Specialist, Network Technician, Network Administrator, and similar IT job roles.