Scripting with ACL Analytics – ACL303

ACL® 303 Scripting

Scripting with ACL Analytics – ACL303

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Scripting with ACL Analytics – ACL303


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A comprehensive coverage of scripting using a hands-on approach. It includes how to script the import, preparation, and analysis phases of an audit to create continuous routines. Also, ways to leverage functionality only available to scripts like GROUP and LOOP commands, flag and counter-based loops, and creating a script that creates another script. These features add amazing power to your capabilities. ACL 303 also prepares you for level 6 & 7 of ACL Certified Data Analyst (ACDA) exam.

Who Should Attend

Users who have completed ACL101 course (or are self-taught to that level) and have been using ACL and are comfortable using the ACL101 content. Attending the ACL201 course is not a prerequisite, but many users find it useful.


  • A Comprehensive Introduction to ACL Analytics-ACL101
  • Equivalent Experience

What You’ll Learn

You will learn to use ACL Analytics for on-the-spot analytics and continuous routines to run against future data. Also, scripts for cleansing, split transactions, keyword searches and deleting temporary tables, among others.



  • Getting started
  • Best practices
  • Computed/physical fields
  • Variables
  • Interactive scripts
  • Error trapping – flag-based loops

Importing Data:

  • Import planning
  • Importing files
  • Importing the most recent file
  • Importing multiple files–counter- based loops
  • Importing with ODBC
  • Using datetime functions to automate date ranges

Preparing Data:

  • Data integrity
  • Automating script termination
  • Transactional filters
  • Field mapping (cryptic field names)
  • Data harmonization

Analyzing Data:

  • Analysis scripts overview
  • GROUP command
  • LOOP command
  • Keyword analysis
  • Creating a script from a script
  • Fuzzy matching

Pre-written Scripts:

  • Accessing the scripthub library
  • Interpreting Script details
  • Download from scripthub
  • Preparation and running a scripthub script


  • Bringing it all together - summary
  • Bonus scripts – split transactions and identify working days

Why You Should Attend

You should attend because ACL is a versatile, powerful, and widely-used data extraction and analysis software used for audits, fraud detection, identifying anomalies in data, and risk management. It enhances auditors’ testing capabilities.

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